WCF Tutorial

I have read many atricles about WCF. Finally i found these books :

"Windows® CommunicationFoundation 4 Step by Step" by "john sharp"

And also :

"Programming WCF Services,  Mastering WCF and the Azure AppFabric Service Bus 3rd_Edition" by "Juval Löwy"

Books take much time but are good as reference.

But If you want to have a basic and fast knowledge, you can download this ppt THIS and if you want further basic information look at This.

If you have progress in WCF, the next question that may appear is: What is the best option to host WCF?

you can find much about answer below:


In brief i can say:

if you are in development step "self-hosting" is best hosting option.

if you progress and develop you way "Windows service" is in middle. it is some flexibility of "self-Hosting" and some powers of IIS. Windows service is what you see in VS2005 as a template. yes it can serve as a server. in Vs 2005  you can start a new service with "Windows service" template. it works without iis and instead make its own hosting server. when you run a project you can see an icon in system tray, indicating that .NET is managing this service and hosting it for you. it also can do it when using wcf. i have read in some blogs that it work better than iis7 but you need to write some codes to make it ready. iis7 is ready to use and is more convenient. it needs less supervision.

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