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Autocad txtxexp problem. Change Scale and position of the text. Solution? and All about txtexp

I had about 4700 dwg files with Shx fonts and i have to convert all object (not Splines and Arcs and other impossible obj) to just lines. txtexp do this for texts but it have some issues to be fix.

one of most important items was that txtexp move and scale texts to another position. unfortunately t…

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How to Change All text style Backward Off in Autocad?

Here is a simple lisp that change all text style backwards off.

It seems simple but may be handy specially if you want to explode text.

;;; turn all text style backward off;;; Type B0 (B&Zero) to run
(defun C:B0 (/ ad style oldcmdecho)  (vl-load-com)  (setq ad (vla-get-ActiveDo…

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