Convert aveva pdms 3D model to DWG model or Other Formats

Our company design in Aveva PDMS and we in GIS division model all piping and other structure in Arcgis. Piping Discipline give us only some reports from PDMS and we should redesign them in Auto CAD then import Auto CAD 3D model into ArcGIS. We decide to automate this sequence. So I began to search.

I searched the entire web and finally I find out Aveva has Explant-I to do this. I couldn’t find it.

At last I decide to write some code in AutoCAD VBA to convert PDMS report to AutoCAD objects and i did it.

We build a DWG template that includes some important Valves and other piping equipments and VBA application read them from PDMS report and import them in right place according the coordinate PDMS report.

Because of some modeling points in Arcgis, I categorized objects in layers with special names special line types and special color (depend on pipe size).

I will link here code, Template and a sample sooooon.

Edit in May 14 2013:

Finally PDMS 12 solved every things.

It export directly to DGN file and all things solved.