ArcGis License Expire in 11-nov-2011. What is solution?

Download from HERE and Enjoy!!!

Download and Unpack file.

How it work?

sorry if  i do not explain completly. it is because i don't have Arc9x in PC that I update this website. so i hope to do not miss anything.

  1. Bring  task manager & end task ArcGis.exe and also lmgrd.exe
  2.  Copy arcgis.exe & license.dat (inside folder) to the installed directory    (c:\program files\esri\license\arcgis9x) & overwrite
  3.  Edit license.dat, replacing "Kanda003" in first line with your Computer name  (what is it? Right click MyComputer->Properties->"Computer Name" tab-> Change->it is there selected, just copy it )
  4.  Start lmtools (License Manager Tools), in start menu
  5.  Click on "Configuration using Services" and choose "ARCGIS license manager"
  6.  Then Click "Configure Services" and set "Path to the license file" :     c:\program files\esri\license\arcgis9x\license.dat (for instance)    
  7.  Click on "Save Service"
  8.  Click on "Start/Stop/Reread" & "Start Server"     You can Click on "Server Diagnostic" & "Perform Diagnostics"      to make sure all went fine.
  9.  You are done - Congrats

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