Autocad:Adding elevation Automatically to multiple Contours That have Zero Elevation

I usually add post here for things that i couldn't find or could hardly find on web. I was asked to find some Autocad program that can automatically or semi automatically, add elevation to contours that have no elevation (0). we have many DWG contour files that all poly lines have zero elevation. Fi…

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Import Points into autocad

Download From HERE!

You may have an Ascii text that contains some point coordinates and want to import that point into CAD. First it seems very easy and you may think to have many choices. You may think Autocad Land, Civil3d or Bentley Microstation, but what if you don't have any of them?

I wr…

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How To Compute & Use UTM Scale Factor?

Recently i do some work on computing point scale factor in utm coordinate system. The input of system is Easting,Northing,height and zone number in UTM (WGS84) and output is point scale factor.

First of all i should mention that the thing that we use as scale factor most of the time is Grid factor …

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Best Text Position in Polygon

You have many polygons and you want place some texts in each of them. polygons may have different shapes. they may be concave polygons. How you can find best place for your text?
My Solution is as follows:
1- Buffer Polygon to inside of it. I mean Buffer (Offset)  Polygon with a…

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Unicode Text in DXF

If you are a Software Developer you may want to write a DXF writer for your application.There are some free .net class to do this.
 The problem is that the DXF class did not support Unicode characters as a Autocad text Entity. Its because it write DXF with ASCII (Ansi) code page.
If you want to…

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Autocad txtxexp problem. Change Scale and position of the text. Solution? and All about txtexp

I had about 4700 dwg files with Shx fonts and i have to convert all object (not Splines and Arcs and other impossible obj) to just lines. txtexp do this for texts but it have some issues to be fix.

one of most important items was that txtexp move and scale texts to another position. unfortunately t…

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How to Change All text style Backward Off in Autocad?

Here is a simple lisp that change all text style backwards off.

It seems simple but may be handy specially if you want to explode text.

;;; turn all text style backward off;;; Type B0 (B&Zero) to run
(defun C:B0 (/ ad style oldcmdecho)  (vl-load-com)  (setq ad (vla-get-ActiveDo…

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ArcGis License Expire in 11-nov-2011. What is solution?

Download from HERE and Enjoy!!!

Download and Unpack file.

How it work?

sorry if  i do not explain completly. it is because i don't have Arc9x in PC that I update this website. so i hope to do not miss anything.

  1. Bring  task manager & end task ArcGis.exe and also lmgrd.exe
  2.  Copy arc…

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WCF Tutorial

I have read many atricles about WCF. Finally i found these books :

"Windows® CommunicationFoundation 4 Step by Step" by "john sharp"

And also :

"Programming WCF Services,  Mastering WCF and the Azure AppFabric Service Bus 3rd_Edition" by "Juval Löwy"

Books take much time but are good as ref…

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Adobe Flash Activex Suddenly Stop Working?

Sometimes in my Pc adobe flash player both in IE and Chorme stop working. I found solution of My problem in adobe Website as follows:

If you are having trouble downloading and installing Adobe Flash player, ensure that:

  • JavaScript is enabled.
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Choose Tools > Internet Options…

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