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Convert aveva pdms 3D model to DWG model or Other Formats

First of all i should say that this problem is solved by EXplant module of PDMS. When i wrote this script i hadn't access to this module. With this module you can directly export to dgn!!

In that time our company design in Aveva PDMS and we in GIS division model all piping and other structures in ArcGIS. Piping Discipline give us only some reports from PDMS and we should redesign them in Auto CAD then import AutoCAD 3D Models into ArcGIS. We decide to automate this sequence. So I began to search.

I searched the entire web and finally I find out Aveva has "Explant-I" to do this. I couldn’t find it in that time.

At last I decide to write some code in AutoCAD VBA to convert PDMS report to AutoCAD objects and i did it.

We build a DWG template that includes some piping elements as blocks including valves and other piping equipments and VBA application read the positions and type of them from PDMS report and then import them in right place in DWG template.

Because of some modeling points in ArcGIS, I categorized objects in layers with special names special line types and special color (depend on pipe size).

This code is fully customized for our problem. but if your Report from PDMS be exactly same as this Excel file, this program surely works for you.

You can download All of my works HERE.

4Files included. after extraction do following works:

  1. open Excel file and leave it aside.( This is the report from PDMS produced From Piping Discipline)
  2. open dwg file (Template file included all blocks and ... we needed)
  3. put dvb file in the path of your AutoCAD. For example C:\Program Files\AutoCadPath\Support folder
  4. load lsp & dvb file from AutoCAD menu-> Tools -> Load application
  5. type pdms in command prompt in AutoCAD to run application
  6. Enter a Number that indicate how many line from Excel file you want to be Drawn in Autocad. & press Enter. and Please Wait ...
  7. After all works done "zoom extent" to see what is drawn.

Attention to blocks and poly lines( color number, line type scale), Layers,...



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