Import Points into autocad

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You may have an Ascii text that contains some point coordinates and want to import that point into CAD. First it seems very easy and you may think to have many choices. You may think Autocad Land, Civil3d or Bentley Microstation, but what if you don't have any of them?

I wrote a simple stand alone application that is compatible with windows xp,7 (32,64). In fact it is a new tab in my old program that computes UTM scale factor.

The face of the program is like this:

Procedure is simple:

  1. Browse for your ASCII file that contains coordinates
  2. Enter deliminator. you can type or select from list.
  3. Select the column number of Point Name (PtName), E,N,H,Code and Description. if you do not have for example Code or Description you can select Null from list
  4. Define Font Size. this size is used a the text height when creating texts in DXF
  5. Select DXF version
  6. If you wish to have a 2D DXF, check "Insert points as 2D". If checked then all points and text are inserted with 0 height.
  7. "Binary DXF" make a binary DXF.
  8. Just press "Create" button. a DXF file in the path of ASCII file with the same name but with .dxf extension will created. if exist it will be overwritten.

Any problem or suggestion, leave a comment or send email me.

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