How to Build a Flash Map?

uses Adobe Flash Cs3 to make a dynamic Map.  use Flash button with assigned URL links to it. you can find how build it in many websites and also here.

Here is the steps you can follow to do this task:

  1. find a vector base sample of your map. you can see here. this helps me so much. if you find your map download WMF format of it (Vector base). If your map doesn't exist there you should draw all borders in map again in adobe flash  or other application and make a vector map. in Abode flash there is some tools in menu->modify->bitmap->trace bitmap that may be good.
  2. Open Adobe Flash CS x and new Flash File (Action Script  2.0) and not 3.0
  3. Import your map into Adobe Flash Cs x.
  4. Right click on each section and from contex menu->Convert to symbol (at the end of menu). in "convert to symbol" select type=Button and set a name for it. do this task for all regions.
  5. select one Button and press F9. this brings Action-script window.Copy following code in it:
  6. on (release) {
    getURL("http://your address", "_blank");}
  7. Do Step 6 for all regions
  8. Almost done. save your work and in menu->File->Export->Export Movie... Export your SWF file.
  9. Enjoy
  10. For Writing  Persian/Farsi in Adobe Flash/Adobe Photo shop I suggest Download This : "Farsisaze MARYAM". it works perfect (WinXPSP3).

This procedure take me 1+6  days to do. 1 day for all the things and 6 day for finding that i should New action script 2.0 in adobe not 3.0.

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