Autocad:Adding elevation Automatically to multiple Contours That have Zero Elevation

I usually add post here for things that i couldn't find or could hardly find on web. I was asked to find some Autocad program that can automatically or semi automatically, add elevation to contours that have no elevation (0). we have many DWG contour files that all poly lines have zero elevation. First I thought i surly can find it on web. but i didn't find a robust solution on autocad. But i got some hints and wrote a lisp to do it.


  • type -appload in autocad and load ACE.lisp file.
  • type ACE (Automated Contour Elevating) in command.
  • Give a start height
  • Give an increment
  • Select a start point and then an end point
  • All selected polygons will be elevated from start elevation sequentially by increment that you insert. the sequence of polygons are from start point to the end point,
  • Repeat ACE command again.


  • All poly lines  should be 2D and have continuous line type. if not they are not continuous, in selecting poly line section, they won't be selected.
  • After elevating each poly line the color of them will be change. if you don't like the color you can open lisp by notepad and change the value of parameter 'color' (that is color 11 by default)  in the code,

I do my best to simplify  the work.

Hope to be useful.




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